Architecture, Lighting design

With expertise in visual communication, exhibition and experience design, Maria works with creating art and cultural events, installations and exhibitions.

Her work is based on a  professional knowledge in light, architecture, materials and staging. Her projects varied from interactive lighting installations, scenery, set design, exhibition design, to interior design and lighting, both inside and outside.

At Pavillon Elleve, you can find some of her latest pieces. 

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Lille Josephine

Bolet jewellery

handmade jewellery

At bolet, only recycled metal and the materials are purchased domestically whenever it is possible. The small jewelry bags are created in the workspace with textiles from the local recycling shop.

The jewelry is as much about personal connection as it is about function. Designed to be contemporary yet timeless. Designed to be loved – and hopefully it will be passed on to the next generation, and the next, and next…

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3d triangle


Marble art

Gokce Art is a Copenhagen based studio which aims to bring the marble art craftsmanship into various dimensions such as interior design, fashion and architecture, adopting a new design process by creating designs on the water surface instead of through digital or pencil sketches.

For 7 years now, Gökçe has modified and used this technique of the Turkish art of Ebru (marbling) created over 800 years ago in the Orient,  to best suit her artistic need.  All works of art created using this technique, are unique and cannot be imitated.

Various pieces of Gokce, both originals and prints, are available at Pavillon elleve.

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Jewellery design

Mai, Sarah and Ellen have founded Ae Studio, a new Danish design label creating contemporary yet timeless accessories drawing inspiration from their professions in design and architecture.

‘The roots of AE Studio are firmly planted in the world of architecture, and hence the minimalistic, graphic design language and three-dimensional universe emerge. The designs are inspired by the architecture we are surrounded by, the ones we visit outside the world and the ones we ourselves help create in our everyday lives.’

Find all the earrings available for purchase at Pavillon Elleve.

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Nue Studio profile sitting crop


Furniture design

Nue Studio is a furniture and interior design studio created by Alice Delsenne & Jacob Brinth a French and Danish duo. 

The Nue Aesthetic is based on Danish minimalism, married with sculptural forms known from french design.  Drawing inspiration from nature and archetypal architecture, allows the duo to create contemporary designs, while bringing a sense of timelessness. The creations are either custom made, small limited edition productions, or as a collaborative projects with other companies.

Diverse unique pieces of Nue Studio are available at Pavillon elleve.

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Architecture, lighting design

Sarah is an educated architect specialised in lighting design. The range of her projects vary between light installations to stage design and interior design.  The designer’s work is a continuous exploration of geometry, composition of shapes, the visual and haptic qualities of materials and the tension that arises where different materials meet.

She finds that light is common denominator throughout her projects, whether it’s architecture or design. Light affects our understanding of materials and shapes for both the objects and the rooms surrounding them, making each design piece relate to the context in which it is places. In this way both the space and the object add value to one another.

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